Friday, July 15, 2011

little stitchers.

beatrice and mr. elliott participated in team tennis this summer. several of their friends were also playing, so as you can imagine, it was like a giant play date 4 times a week! so much fun!

the mammas, dads, and younger siblings had lots of time to sit and visit and, of course, cheer for our tennis stars! i had a stitching sampler that i was working on, and a couple of little friends were interested, so we got them started on their own. are they not adorable?

they each stitched up little fishies. so cute.

here is the sampler i worked on. it started as something to keep my hands busy. other than that, i had no plan for it.

if you haven't stitched in a while. give it a go! i have to warn you, however, it is an addicting craft.

i love freestyle stitching. no patterns. no worries.

once i finished, i decided to use it as the bib for an apron to have at school.

i used pink denim for the apron and added pom pom balls around the bottom. pom pom balls make everything fancier. :)

have a great weekend, friends!
we are off to a soccer tournament!!
go cyclones!


  1. Oh, Gosh, I love this, Lynn. You are really tempting me to try this. I never really thought I could do it but...

    I love the ease that one can carry this around. Very special.

    Well, I have been trying some painting and collage and loved it. Never thought I could do that! Maybe this is next!

    Thanks for your lovely inspiration.


  2. Fun! I'm stitching Charlotte Lyons' samplers when I need to keep my hands busy these days.