Wednesday, July 6, 2011

oh, how i love good mail!

yes. i totally splurged and purchased the hard copy of miss amy's inspired ideas. happy sigh. so beautiful! AND true to its name, full of inspiration! this is the mother of all craftiness magazines! 245 full pages. $3.30 digital copy. click here to purchase. you so won't regret it.

i cannot wait to try one of these gorgeous party dresses.

and i really adore julie collings. (sorry for the dark photo.)

all of the spoolies we've been creating most certainly need living spaces, and heather's dollhouse to go was the perfect solution.

after looking unsuccessfully for a cute suitcase like the one heather used, it hit me that i happen to have a haul of cigar boxes sitting around begging for new life!

a little paint here, a cut and paste flower collage there, add a ribbon handle, throw on some mod podge, and voila!!

my inner interior designer went for a little pink funk.

i used random wooden and cardboard odds and ends to make furniture.

she looks right at home, don't you think???
i'm thinking this will be our next little girl craft project!
so much fun!
thanks for the inspiration, amy!!!


  1. Oh! I want a hard copy, too! :-)

  2. How cool that you bought the copy! I love your little house and wood dolly!

    Sandy xox

  3. I cannot tell you how many times I visit Amy's site and so want to buy the hard copy! Good for you for treating yourself...

    Hope your summer is going well. Please tell your sweet sissy that I said hello...

  4. Oh...I just found your blog on Teresa’s and LOVE it!!! Very big congrats on being in the magazine....I’ll be looking for it!!!!

  5. hi there - thanks for visiting me...I noticed you in the last 2 issues of amy's magaziine - good for you. It really does feel ridiculous grand to see your stuff in print...

    looks like you are having fun creating yummy goodness.

    hope all is well.