Tuesday, June 7, 2011

little girls.

after at least ten months of being hugely pregnant, i remember viv.id.ly the moment our dr. announced, "it's a betty!" my heart fluttered and soared, and i swear, the little girl deep inside me was awakened. full throttle. it's been all about pink ruffles, crowns, and glitter ever since.

karla and i hosted a crafting party for some little girlfriends yesterday at karla's beautiful home. we decided to share some spoolie love. they were a huge hit with beatrice and kitt at pink-a-bella! (we first saw these adorable spoolies on crescendoh, linked up from missy at crafty carnival. thanks, missy!)

we had the kits all ready to go and got down to business right away.

these little girls are precious.
each and every one of them.


annslie. (with her mamma, jennifer.)






here we are creating our spoolies and, hopefully, precious memories. the spoolies needed some drying time, so we had short snack breaks, and we even made frilly hair clips - all in two hours!
oh yeah, we will most definitely be doing this again!
do you have little girls in your life?
if so, you've got to host a craft party!!!!
sooooo much fun!

AND, let me just say, i am sure there are lots of boys who would enjoy a good crafting experience as well.


and mr. elliott. (who loves art class almost as much as he does p.e.)

our boys just happen to be of the mindset that if there is daylight, we'd best be MOVING!!!!!

happy day, friends!


  1. Oh, too much fun! Sweetness! (And, yes! I did a craft day with little boys several years ago and it was so. much. fun.)

  2. Thanks again Lynn! The girls played w/ their spoolies ALL day. Sophia enjoyed saying the word...spoolie almost as much as she did creating them. Thanks again for sharing your time, snacks, gifts and love w/ me and my girls...what a huge blessing for someone like me! I'm not so good w/ the creative, but I sure can appreciate those who are!! Much Love, Mandy, Grace, Chloe and Sophia!! :)