Monday, June 20, 2011

soccer love.

a little over a year ago, mr. elliott began playing for a competitive soccer team, the cyclones. we weren't really sure about this decision as we had no idea what would be involved or what it might mean for our family. (and honestly, i still don't understand most of the rules, however. i am a great cheerleader!!)

but then something wonderful happened. we became friends with the families of these little guys, and a feeling of togetherness has brought us great joy. i think i can speak for all of us that we truly feel proud of each of the players, like they are all our sons. do you know what i mean? during one of the games this weekend one of our guys that plays in the defender (?) position SCORED A GOAL!

(he totally kicked it from the center field line and it went in the goal.) oh my gosh, the crowd went wild and his teammates were just ecstatic...such a moment for him!

tourney champions! what a great bunch of boys!

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