Tuesday, June 14, 2011

repurposed t-shirts

while cleaning my closet last week, (a summer ritual) i found three brown t-shirt/camis that i hadn't worn in forever. recently i've been reading through past issues of publications like green craft from stampington and felt inspired.

i decided to try to make fabric flowers out of them, and i really liked how they turned out.

here's the how to.

pretty t-shirts that you don't wear anymore
felt circles (about the size of a half dollar)
random bits to add to the center

i simply cut them into long skinny strips, maybe 12 inches long by an inch and a half in width. (ish) i then used the sewing machine to stitch a basting stitch along one edge of the strips.

next, i gathered them up into rufflies.

and then sewed them onto the felt circle. i used a zigzag stitch and found that i didn't have to be very precise. (good thing.) just sew a little, turn the circle, sew a little more.

i did leave a little empty "cavern" in the center of the flower. then i put a big glob of E600 glue in the cavern, added a circle of netting or lace, a large vintage pale pink "pearl", a few sparkly rose colored rhinestones, and small pearls. once everything dried i glued them onto a brown tank top!


oh yeah, i have glued other bits and baubles to t-shirts before and have had no problem with laundering them! we'll see how this turns out!

happy day to you!

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  1. Love it! Must try!!! I'm looking forward to all your goodies this summer...you must be fruitful!!!