Friday, June 24, 2011

we are freaking out a bit around here!

when i heard that stampington was putting together a publication devoted to artistic adventures with children, i knew this was something i would be interested in. when i read that they were asking for submissions to be included, i hoped our pink-a-bella weekend would be a good fit.

today, we received our complimentary copy.

this is the first time i have submitted anything to stampington. ohmygosh. what a great experience it has been. amber demien, the managing editor, was very helpful and so friendly.

i hadn't told the girls that the story was going to be included. i wanted to surprise them. it worked. so. much. fun! we are freaking out a bit.

beatrice and i also have a canvas piece that is included. "owl love you forever", which was tons of fun to create. we are feeling so blessed!

what a happy day!


  1. Congratulations! This is so exciting... I know your girls are "over the moon"! You are such a great, creative, fun loving mom! Those girls are sooooo blessed!

  2. Woo hoo! How much fun is this?!? Congrats, girls!

  3. SO fabulous! The girls must be thrilled!!! They are famous! Exciting stuff! Hugs!

  4. How wonderful! the girls must have been over the moon. Congrats to all three of you! xo

  5. How wonderful! I love the idea of a art retreat that includes children. My Emma would be all over that!

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Wow!!

  7. wow - that is great feels magical when you get published, right?

    Love your mini book swap - I was in one last year with Julie was good fun.

    Hope your summer is going well.

    embellishments by tinana

  8. Saw your post last night and went out today to get the magazine. Great article, great photos, and such sweet memories you and Karla made for your daughters. xoxo, Kris

  9. HOW exciting!!

  10. I was in Fremont at Hastings book store picking up magazines while my husband was in the hospital there...I grabbed this one and flipped through it and squealed when I saw your article! I told my girls "I know this gal!" Well, then I qualified it.."I know her a little through blogging and she's from Nebraska!" Woohoo!! A great big congratulations to you!!

  11. SOOOOOO excited for you girls!! What a great article, great projects, lovely, lovely ladies. :) By the way, thanks for the great summer backyard dinner party. I feel so special to have been invited. Love you!!

  12. Congrats!!!!!! This is really exciting!

    Hoping your day is fill with creativity and love!