Friday, June 17, 2011

the humble cigar box.

i love cigar boxes.
seriously, there is no end to the potential they hold.
did you see what charlotte lyons did with them at mary engelbreit's party??? just ingenious. so cute and personalized. i love it, and can't wait to give it a go.

anyway, my dad found a few (hundred) cigar boxes lying around in my grandparent's basement, and was thoughtful enough to share them with karla and i. (he passed the hoarder gene right on to me.) they were a little musty smelling, so i wet wiped them and then left a dryer sheet inside to ward off the scent. guess what!? it totally worked!

beatrice is headed to her very first sleep over party!!! the soon to be eight-year-old birthday girl is a dear friend and an artist extraordinaire. beatrice thought an art kit was just the thing millie would love for a gift. we grabbed a fresh smelling cigar box and beatrice painted it pink.

on a piece of white paper the same size as the top of the cigar box, beatrice drew a pencil drawing of herself and millie wearing crowns with balloons floating around them. :) then i cut it apart. (beatrice wasn't really sure if that was a good idea or not!) we used her drawing as the template, and basically just made paper appliques. beatrice glued the pieces right onto the pink cigar box with a glue stick.

we added pink and purple "pearl" necklaces, satin flower hair accessories, and some string for the floating balloons. then we stuffed it with art supplies and a hobby lobby gift card.

so much fun!


  1. Way too cute! I thought you had made it!

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