Friday, June 24, 2011

mini books...oh my goodness!

i love to create.

i neeeeed to create.

and really truly, i enjoy a plethora of art mediums.

but my first love is paper. love*love*love!

these mini books were all created for a swap hosted by that super cool michelle. (this link will get you to michelle's post with the artists who participated.) (let me just say right here. michelle is an incredible hostess. anytime you are presented the opportunity to join her in a swap, YOU MUST. she is a girl who delights in the details.) the photo above shows my mini book contribution all laid out/before being "mini-sized" at the copy store.

these are just a few of the lovelies.

each one is so full of happy!

someone suggested a theme mini-book swap. wouldn't a Christmas book be wonderful!???!


this book is my sissy's. it's a little stitch handbook! so cute and educational!

we're off to another fun summer day!


  1. I DO love these mini books. I've made some for friends' birthdays..... and for Valentine's Day. A Christmas theme would be soooooo fun!

  2. I love my little books -- I think I still have about a dozen to look at, yet, too! I would be into the Christmas book idea! I learned soo much doing this one (my first) and I would like to try it again and do better!

  3. I'm game for a Christmas little book! I loved this swap!