Thursday, February 2, 2012

garland love

i've wanted to make a garland like this forever. a couple weeks ago, i finally got down to business. i used cup cake papers, wadded up music sheets, and vintage french pink toilet paper that i bought from jenni bowlin at silver bella. (i spent 14 dollars on antique pink toilet paper, and let me just tell you, i have not regretted it for a minute! in fact, i have seriously been hoarding it, afraid to use it up!!!)

this is, of course, an attempt at the cool coffee filter garlands pam garrison brought to the creative world years ago.

we have one last mini construction job to do in my art room...that gray electric box you see in the corner has got to go. we have a plan to camouflage it, just need to get on it.
big snowstorm coming our way!!!
i love being trapped at home!


  1. So....sooooo.SoOOooOOO stinkin cute. Vintage pink toilet paper. I hate thinking about it...but love the concept. Only you & Jenni. I put magnet on my grey box...have wanted to move it for 19 years....hasn't happened yet hehe!!

  2. Okay, you got me on the vintage pink french toilet paper from Jenni B...Really adore the garland...

    Tell your sweet sister that I send a big hello her way and you guys enjoy your snowy weather.

  3. Your garland is beautiful. I've had mine hanging in my art room for several years now.... it only gets better and better! Pink French toilet paper.... how did I miss that? ha! Love it! You do the best stuff... enjoy the snowstorm!