Saturday, February 4, 2012

valentine lovelies

i participated in a valentine swap hosted by the very sweet and generous laurie at indulge your shelf.

look at that itty bitty embellished dolly shoe. adorable!
i love the idea of creating something with my hands to give to a kindred spirit who shares the same crafting obsession i have.

these little lovelies arrived yesterday, beating the blizzard by a few hours! so cute!

so pretty!

these are the hearts that i sent to laurie, who then bundled our goodies and shipped them to the participants. thank you, laurie!

great way to use up the little scrappies i can't seem to part with.

we have over 8 inches of snow so far! i love winter, being home with my family, piddling in the art room, and knowing that there is no reason to leave our little nest!
much love!

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