Sunday, February 26, 2012


february has become one of my favorite months of the year. pretty sure it has something to do with all the pink, the roses, and, of course, the chocolate.

danielle, a silver bella friend, recently hosted a valentine swap. we were each asked to create three stuffed hearts to be sent off and traded with like minded girlies "out there".

this beauty was created by connie at constantly vintage.

so lovely. the white on white with all that vintage goodness speaks to me. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

and this is simply divine. jana, brown-eyed girl and photographer extraordinaire. seriously check out her blog. holy moley. she is talented.

i was blessed to share a table with jana during charlotte lyon's class at my first silver bella. jana is a wonderful, sweet southern girl, and i am seriously tickled pink to have one of her handmade lovelies in my home.

sigggghhhhhh. and this. THIS precious pillowette was created by kana, who possesses one of the greatest southern drawls out there. kana is also a silver bella friend. just one of those girls you like immediately and can't wait to get to know better.

i am in crazy love with barkcloth, and totally wild about this subtle pink pattern and design. the sweet ruffle, the vintage key hole - doesn't it just melt your heart a bit?

this is a photo of the hearts i sent. the pink fancy work was found in the bottom of an old box at my grandma's. (we have been sorting through her precious treasures since she and my grandpa have become residents in a local care home and have decided to sell their home.) there were about 12 inches of this piece wrapped around a spool. i had been hoarding it, wanting to use it for something really special. this swap fit the bill.

thanks for letting me share my sweet treats, friends!
i have to share this little funny with you. i realized i really wasn't feeling well when plugging in the glue gun seemed like too much work! ha!

much love!


  1. oh my what fabulous hearts. wish i was in that swap...chocolate is definately a GREAT thing...but now i dont have the excuse that i am craving it for the baby....hugs

  2. Hello Miss Lynn! I hope March is finding you feeling better sweet girl! Thanks for sharing your hearts! Loved them all! XO