Wednesday, February 1, 2012

projects 4, 5 and 6:

i am ready to wrap this pinkabella postin' stuff up! thanks for being patient as i relive our fun girl getaway!

the last three projects were fast and fun.

the butterfly wreath: the girls wrapped fuzzy pink yarn around a small hoop. (we actually used round cardboard boxes (cheese?) that a gal from school had shared with me. i just cut the faces out. embroidery hoops would work just fine.)

once the hoops were covered, the girls chose paper butterflies to adorn with. beatrice used glittery white and silver paper. folded in half and layered, the butterflies look ready to take flight. this is a completely different look than the one i created here.

project 5, the burlap banners, turned out so pretty. i'm thinking this mamma is gonna be busy whipping up a few more of these. the girls used a heart stencil, chose their favorite shade of pink, painted right onto the burlap, let dry, and glued a long ribbon along the top. we are talking e.a.s.y. i would like to thank someone in the land of pinterest for this lovely inspiration.

and finally, a stitching project. charlotte lyons shared this adorable snowman on her blog last year, and i was smitten. i prepared the kits for our first pinkabella, but we ran out of time and energy before we got to it. this year, we were IN THE VAN on our way home, but we stitched a snowman.

and there you have it, friends!
we love pinkabella!

i have to tell you something. it might seem sorta foolish to spend a weekend away in a hotel when you could stay home and create these same projects...but it is the getting away from home that ensures the girls our complete attention. i know with all my heart that these days mean more than craft time with mamma, we are creating precious memories and moments. can't wait till next year!

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