Thursday, March 18, 2010

artful thursday and day 18

a pretty "He is Risen" gift box, centerpiece, or just a little lovely to add to your Easter or spring decor.

supplies include:
recycled game box
pretty papers
flower frog
postcard - color copied
ruffled crepe paper
little flowers
small piece of matboard - about an inch larger than the base of the box
and anything else you so desire!

begin by covering the box with the papers.

secure the flower frog to the center of the box top. add trim to cover the corners.

cut out your Jesus, or other image that you would like to have showcased.
i added some glitter to the little lamb He is holding

and covered the back with ledger paper.

*also, i cut and covered a cross with patterned paper and hymn sheets and stitched around the outside of the cross to add texture...but these photos are m.i.a.

attach the base of the box to the mat board. i added some scalloped hymn pages for extra pretty.

i love crinkly crepe paper ruffles!

this is how i added them to the edge of the box. it works for me!

finally, embellish. add any extras that you love, and insert your Jesus, cross, and other images to the flower frog.

fill the box with shredded paper and hide a precious gift inside! finished! so much fun!

day 18

thank you SO much for stopping by!
happy day to you!


  1. I do love your Easter Jesus Gift Box. The Image of Jesus is beautiful!!!!

    I LOVE your fabric square. May I perhaps use this Idea? It solves two of my issues:
    something Rachel Ashwell like, and quick for the day that no time is on the agenda.

    Off to see more :)


  2. great easter project and I love your stitchings I think they are so fun.

  3. wow - girl - this is the box and the whole process. This will look beautiful on your easter table.


  4. This is really nice, and would go perfect with my Resurrection Eggs that I posted for my artful thursday project! Love this!

  5. Love how you put together old and new materials together so seamlessly in your giftbox /centerpiece. I enjoyed the step by step photos too!