Sunday, March 7, 2010

day 7 and weekend fun

i totally loved laverne on laverne and shirley...mostly because her name started with an "L", like my own, and i thought it was SO cool that she wore that cursive "L" on every single clothing item she owned. so here's my "L"!

our kids are so blessed to participate in upward basketball and upward cheerleading through our church. this weekend we wrapped up the games...

fyi - beatrice is NOT wearing eye make-up...she has a teeny tiny black eye, which kinda sounds worse than a 6 year old wearing make up! however, she doesn't even remember how she got it. i'm betting on recess fun.

elliott had a piece of artwork selected for a local art display in our small city...

monet's bridge. i love it!
happy day!


  1. cute,i can't wait till my little girls are little cheerleaders!

  2. Another artist in the house!! Yippee!!

  3. Hi!

    I'm doing Stitch-a-Long with you. I wanted to go through and visit everyone and leave a comment if I love what you're doing...and I love what you're doing!