Monday, March 29, 2010

inspiration: amy

ok. i think we would all agree. miss amy powers is one of the most adorable women one will meet. my sister and i had the total pleasure of spending time with amy at silver bella last november. what a treat!
karla and amy are pictured above...sharing a goody swap project.

so. earlier this month, amy shared a darling Easter egg project that i had to try. (the post was so easy to follow, you seriously need to check it out!) karla and i spent an hour getting messy, with lovely results...

now this is fun.
my principal gave me a jingle first thing this morning, letting me know that our
art teacher would be unavailable for our 8:15 class. so i decided to be the art teacher! and guess what we made!?!?!

amy's eggs!!!!

my fourth graders had a ball!

my art room is like a mini hobby lobby. i had everything on hand.

it was a great day!
miss amy, please keep the inspiration coming!

happy day!

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  1. Your kids are so lucky to have a real "substitute" art teacher!! How fun Miss Lynn!