Sunday, March 21, 2010

day 21

so i added this number for reasons we just won't be discussing. :)

and i picked up these blooms at the local market just because.

here's a cute story.

the boys all went to a hockey game last nite, so the girls headed out for a girl party. my daughter, beatrice, and my niece, kitt, love to dress they wore their Easter dresses for special.

anyway, later, when beatrice was telling her daddy about the yummy food we enjoyed at the thai restaurant, she said we had lettuce burritos! aka: spring rolls!

happy day to you!


  1. Lettuce burritos! Love it! I also like ALL of the daily stitcheries you're doing. EVERYONE is stitching except me. I need to jump on the wagon!

  2. Those girls are sooooo cute!! How fun!