Sunday, March 28, 2010

day 28 and finally!

my heart is spring banner is hanging in all her glory.

now let me explain the lack of vibrant colors. i live in nebraska, a beautiful place. the sunsets - they're just gorgeous. the sky is so huge and every shade of blue imaginable. i really love life here. however, our spring seasons aren't very pretty. at least in the beginning. like right now. i have these lovely little violet crocuses (that sounds weird) blooming and they look perfectly ridiculous. there they are in the middle of a brown - BROWN - no sign of life flower bed. (i know there are many life lessons in this analogy, and that is wonderful.) they just look sad to me. lonely. out of place. so my spring banner didn't have much inspiration. but i still love it!

i shared the basic supplies yesterday.
old pages from a book
kraft paper card stock
a printer
bird images optional

notch out the bottom of the flashcard - giving it a pennant look.

create accordion fold flowers. i used two sheets of papers torn from an old dictionary.

to assemble, i use big globs of glue, attach flower and let it sit.

i ran the dictionary pages through my printer, printing out the letters for this banner. this looks so cool and is so easy. you can totally create a banner for any occasion using this technique. after printing, cut out - i used the embroidery hoop i've been using on my stitching as a circle pattern. find a larger circle to trace onto the kraft paper cardstock and then cut with scalloped scissors. glue it all together...i use glue stick.

punch holes in the corners.

use ribbon or twine or - oh - so - many - things to hang in your home!
happy day!

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  1. i love your spring banner! and your stitching is coming along so beautifully too.