Wednesday, May 19, 2010

artful thursday - earth laughs in flowers

i've been inspired by all this "up-cycling" business that's been going on around the blog world. i've also really enjoyed the greencraft edition recently published by stampington. so when i saw this empty little debbie box on the counter, i wanted to give it a shot.

here's what emerged...

the flowers are pages from vintage books, cash registries, and hymn books.

i spotted them on charolotte lyons' or rebecca sower's blog sometime last year. (i'm so sorry, i totally can't remember which one!)

i can't believe i am really posting these words, but - tomorrow is the last day of school!!!!!! yipppeee!

happy day!


  1. LoVe this! I would have never guessed what was hidden underneath. This flowers are inspired. The freehand stitching is great. So what other boxes will be disguised now? I look forward to seeing future posts! :)

  2. Lynn,
    That is soooo happy and cute! I love it! You certainly took it a step farther with your Little Debby box. I hope you send it to Stampington. I could really see it in Greencraft.
    Good job!

  3. The flowers are so cute! I did a little wall quilt with the same quote - it's such a great one and i really like how you used it!

  4. wow - this is wonderful - I adore those flowers and have some die cut but haven't put them together --- thanks for the inspiration..

    pretty paper posies

  5. Lynn, this project turned out really wonderful. Since you're into crafting with green materials, I've just posted some flowers made with wax paper on my blog. It looks like flowers are on both of our minds.

  6. Lovin these! So glad school is almost OUT!!! You can post more!

  7. This are really neat; I love flowers! YOU did a
    great job of mixing it up and keeping it GREEN!