Wednesday, May 5, 2010

artful thursday - honoring mom

mother's day is sunday! i have been blessed with a wonderful mother. susie. it is almost impossible to know how much your momma loves you, until you become a momma...i, of course, didn't know this and am embarrassed at the way i treated her in those yucky smart alecky teenage years. thankfully, she loves like a momma loves, and we are grown up mommas...friends. i love you, mom. (i know she doesn't read my blog so i can show you her card.)

start with a piece of card stock. i have a stack of file folders ready to be recycled into something pretty.

cut into 3 and a half by 12 inch strips. fold into thirds, glue into one long strip with 5 squares, and cover with pretty papers.

i like the look of machine stitching around the edge of each square.

i bought an inspiration book at a garage sale. (cheap.) it is full of beautiful artwork and sweet sayings - all honoring mothers. i don't mind cutting up these kinds of books when i know i am going to use them for pretty.

after selecting the artwork i wanted to use, i cut each piece down to 3 by 3 squares and embellished.

i sewed seam binding to the back of one of the folds so that the book could be tied together and presented to my mom in a neat little package. there is plenty of room on the back of the card to write a message to mom. xoxoxo

happy mother's day to all of you mommas, and blessings to all of you women who have mothered precious souls without birthing them.

happy day!


  1. Lynn,
    Any mother would be proud to have you as a daughter and all teenagers (well, all I have known) are smark-alecky. It's just part of growing up.
    I am glad you are willing to tear up those books...and you give me courage to tear up mine.You made something much more special and put your own touch into it. Nice...really nice.

  2. Your mom is going to love this gift! What a lovely idea.


  3. This is such a beautiful idea! It makes a lovely tribute to your mom but would make s tunning Christmas card as well - I am really inspired!

  4. so lovely- what a beautiful keepsake for your mother.

  5. This is gorgeous and I love everything about it. You create the sweetest things!

  6. OH LYNN! How precious! Very inspiring.
    Ida Mae