Saturday, May 15, 2010

for those little grown up boys..

being a mamma has got to be one of the most rewarding, completely joyful, and overwhelmingly painful experiences life has to offer. mr. elliott is going into fourth grade next year, the grade i have taught for 15 years...this blows my mind. i am sure we JUST brought him home from the hospital, a little scrawny baby who was too busy to eat and snuggle.

today, i will attend a few graduation receptions for little boys that i taught. here are the "boy" cards that i came up with. their mammas are wonderful women that i admire. my heart breaks a bit for them.

oh, i know they'll continue to grow into these amazing men.'s a new chapter.

happy day!


  1. I love those, Lynn. Boys are hard and those are "boyish" yet sentimental. I am sure they will treasure them.

    Being a parent certainly is both joyful and painful...and my baby is thirty. I am sure that part never ends.


  2. That is adorable! What great cards! You are soooo creative, girl!

  3. These "boy" cards are terrific. Since I'm not used to making or seeing boy-related things, your example is refreshing.

    Enjoy the new chapter - I'm sure that you'll experience many wonderful moments together.

  4. These are wonderful! They grow so fast...what a bittersweet journey for us Moms.

  5. These are wondreful! I love that you used flash cards. So clever!