Thursday, May 13, 2010

artful thursday - pretty and pink

this is a crazy busy time of year. we are totally wrapping up the end of the school year, which has been just wonderful. graduations, sporting events, (i think we might have signed our lives away to soccer) field trips, the weather is FINALLY getting nice, so who wants to be inside acting responsible? anyway. i have some former fourth graders who are graduating and i can't exactly give each of them a monetary gift, so i like to give them something from my (this sounds so cheesy) heart.

years ago, i purchased an incredibly cool book at a garage sale for a quarter. it is called roses of the world in color. look at the cool cover. it was first published in 1936. and yes. i cut it up.

i love these roses, and think they are perfect to use for card making or collage.

i used a couple of sheets of oh so pretty pink vellum, machine stitched up the sides with silver thread, embellished, and ta-da...

now. this particular lovely will be presented to a girl.
: )
i have other ideas for my young men...but they are not finished, yet, so i will have to share later!

happy day!


  1. A gift from the heart is the best kind! That is so very...pretty!

  2. i love pretty and pink! Great artful thursday project.