Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy may day!

beatrice and i made our may day baskets together...sooo much fun. i loooove playing silver bella with my girl. have i ever told you that when i was pregnant with beatrice, i had absolutely zilcho creative energy? i mean none. that was the only year i ever sent out store bought Christmas cards. i swear she was absorbing every ounce of creativity i had...and now i am so glad!
ok, back to may day...

those toilet paper rolls came in handy once again! she designed a flower pattern and it was my job to cut them out of old books.

mr. elliott helped with the delivery part.

no kisses. no pinches. lots of smiles!
happy day!


  1. Look at these adorable smiles! And I love these sweet packages. Your pretty clips from the previous post is also just as lovely.

  2. So sweet, love these! I love May day~