Thursday, June 3, 2010

artful thursday - cutie patootie baby booties - again

okay. yet another showing of these adorable little booties. i am truly addicted to creating them, and i just love the finished i wanted to share! (and really, baby stuff is so ridiculously cute!)

these were a little more vintage inspired than some of my previous batches, and i was really pleased with the look.

i am sorry that i don't have a step by step tutorial. this pattern is my creation and i am still considering putting together some kits.

in other fun news...beatrice's bedroom has had a makeover! i will tell you the color scheme is pink and pink pink. i will most definitely be posting photos later. (be ready for some serious pink.) (so not even kidding!)


  1. These are just adorable - you really should do a pattern - I know of a few people that would want it - me included!

  2. these are so sweet- what a lovely project.

  3. these are irresisatble - super sweet and Bravo to you for making up the pattern for the booties.

    great job


  4. I LOVE my cutie patootie baby bootie that you made me Lynn!!! I cherish it and look at it every day when I'm playing in my studio.
    So are you knee deep in swaps yet with Silver Bella??? You have to keep me posted girl...I'm so going to miss ya'll this year :(

  5. Oh my gosh these are SO adorable. I picture hanging them on a clothes line and all across an entire wall. This way you'll be able to enjoy seeing the whole shoe (inside and out.)