Monday, June 7, 2010

welcome to the pink palace...

meet beatrice. she is 6 and a half. here are some things she likes:
princess everything - those little princess dolls are her favorite
chocolate anything
playing silver bella with her mamma
dressing up with her friends
reading books
singing and dancing to music - especially Christmas music
and now...she loves her room!

there is seriously a pink glow lighting up the rest of our "grandma's little cottage" house!

her daddy built this bed/loft for her fourth birthday. we had it turned around so she could play in the house, but she needed more floor space for those princessess!

and a book nook...

every girl needs a chandelier, don't you think!?

we went through every basket, drawer, cubby, shelf, and box. it was difficult at the beginning to decide what to keep and what to donate, but once i got going, i was like a machine! :) it felt so freeing to watch all of this stuff leave our lives. this is new for me. (hello, my name is lynn and i am a hoarder.)

here is the view out her window...i should totally post about our backyard. my lover created the whole thing, just for me, and it's my favorite place to be quiet.

some pink pretties hanging from the ceiling fan.

i have collected eloise wilkin books since i was like three. (hoarder.) she was an illustrator that painted the real life adorable chubby cheeked children for little golden books...we help mommy, baby dear, we like kindergarten, my puppy, prayers for children...the list of her books goes on and on. when this room was a nursery, i made color copies of my favorites and created a border around the room. beatrice likes to read the stories, and i am not ready to get rid of they found a home here.

here is what she sees each night before she drifts off to dreamland.



  1. oh Lynn...this is too cute!
    Like I said in the last post....oh how I wish I was Beatrice!!!! ;)
    It IS a little pink haven for all little princesses indeed...totally fit for Miss Beatrice herself!
    I love the Golden Books and I love how you hung and arranged her dress-up clothes :)
    The smiles on your faces show it all!!!!

  2. I love pink princess girlie girls! What a lucky little lady Beatrice is. I am an Eloise collector too. What wonderful illustrations. I would like to recreate an entire room or garden from one of her pictures. Speaking of garden, you have to share that yard! Hugs, Pam

  3. She is a doll...and I love her room! I had one of those princesses long age...she is now a grown-up one!

    Did you hear that you, Donna and me are in soldering hell together. I must do something this summer...yikes! I somehow had the idea this was a beginning class.

    We will have fun!