Thursday, June 10, 2010

artful thursday - stitching

ok. so this is my little "stitching-on-the-go" kit. like stitch at the park while the kids are playing, stitch at tennis lessons, stitch in the get the idea.

earlier this spring, i participated in teresa's stitching ezine. i learned a lot, and i most definitely enjoyed the free style stitching compared to following a pattern and counting squares like i did in junior high. here's my final sampler. i am a complete novice embroiderer, and so like other things that are new or awkward, i didn't totally love the project...BUT...

it is always a good idea to stretch yourself. or so i've heard.

so for those of you (like me) who prefer paper, this is a tiny little stitching project that will take you no time at all!

no patterns.
no counting.

first of all, gather your fabrics and embroidery thread. i used some natural linen fabric, but you can really use about anything that is a medium-ish weight. stitch a heart about the size of a half dollar. i used white thread and just a basic back stitch.

add a zig-zag pattern around the heart, again with just a basic back stitch. i used an old fashioned pink color for this. okay. if you are unsure about these stitches, check out this site...because they are big time professionals.

then...use the lazy daisy stitch to create these pretty little tear drops exploding from the zig zags.

i added black x and o's...

and stitched a larger heart around the smaller one, stuffed it with filling, added a ribbon and button for embellishments, and voila!

i plan to use these on pretty packages or as small gifts to sweet friends.

happy day!


  1. I love your box and your sampler is very happy and very lovely. I "took" the class, too, but I am ashamed to say that I just looked at it each day and said, "Hmmm...nice. Someday I will do that!" So much for that. At least I have it saved!

    Your embroidery is free and make those happy crafts, remember???

  2. Love your box too! Hmm, that could have bad connotations. So I have a question -- did the box come with those little black inserts or did you make them?

  3. So so the way you broke it down for us!
    Your daughter is the luckiest little pink girl alive....such a fun room fit for a princess!!
    Happy Thursday xOxO Nerina

  4. Hi Lynn~

    I popped over from the Silver Bella community. I have always wanted to learn to stitch. I LOVE your stitch on the go kit!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Silver Bella in the fall!


  5. Lynn, Tami Stroh (from Silver Bella) and I had to check out your blog which is ADORABLE.
    I can not wait to take the time and go through more. Did you use an 8 track box? Very cleaver. I also did Teresa's class and loved it so much I stitch all the time now too. I am working on a Summer in Iowa one right now that is becoming a bit of an obsession. In a good way, ha!

  6. Lynn,
    I hope the information I gave you was helpful. I can give you more if you need.

    This is an exciting time, isn't it? I think I was out of control last year...just barely in control this year. I think it is fun that we both are hostessing swaps this year. It took some courage for me to do it!

    Love that box!


  7. Lynn what a fabulous little tutorial. I have recent;y started to make a fabric "stitching" kit myself to take in the car and doctors appt. What a fun thing it has been so far. I would love to try a stitching sampler. Off I go. Thanks for sharing your wonderful goodness each week.

    p.s. the princess room is AWESOME

    pretty paper posies

  8. Love, love your stitching kit. And your stitched heart is adorable. Thanks for the link to DMC - I've been meaning to brush-up on my stitching skills.