Saturday, August 15, 2009

full circle.

here's a happy little story.

15 years ago, i was blessed to befriend a little freckle faced, red headed, ball of fire.
hope erin.
she was 5, just starting kindergarten.
good times. lunch dates, slumber parties, garage sales, movies, you stuff.
a few years later, of course, she was our flower girl...and let me tell you, she was adorable.

ok so...

yeah. time flies.
now we have a 5 year old, ready to start kindergarten, and hope erin was getting married! of course, our little beatrice eleanora hope was to be the flower girl!

and let me tell you, she was adorable.

full circle.
happy day!


  1. Aahhhh... A VERY happy little story. Thank the Lord that he brings about such precious times in life. I lived it, and I still like reading it.

  2. Ah! This made me teary! My baby and your baby...time really has flown by!

  3. Cute story...thanks for sharing it!!

  4. Oh, so sweet! Thanks for sharing the story--it made me smile...

  5. That is a full circle moment and what lovely creations to remember the moment!