Saturday, August 8, 2009

those joy jingles...

are making me smile! just look at these darling little pennants!

each was created by ten other artists who all belong to a Christian art group.

we all created 11 pennants to trade, sent them to our gracious hostess, miss linda,

and she sorted and sent them back to us!

my very first swap!! love it!

thank you, girls, for sharing your joy in the Lord with me! i am blessed.

now friends. i need some help. i told you about this rockin new camera my lover brought home...i'm trying to figure it out, and i love the image quality, but i have a feeling it's all too big or something. here's my i've been loading these little lovely photos, it's taking FOREVER.
if anyone knows what to do, would you please tell me? also, if you could talk to me like a fourth grader, that would help. computer is NOT my native language.

happy day!


  1. Your banner is lovely, welcome to the wonderful world of swapping....isn't it fun, watch out, it's addictive!!

  2. LOVE the banner Lynn! Congrats on your first swap...wonderful!!!!

    Now about the camera...your resolution is set too large. Pull out that 6 inch thick (haha) manual and look it up. It's easy to change and low to normal would be fine for blog posting. Let me know what becomes of it.

    NOW...about me being so dog gone stupid and so busy with my Dad all last week...I feel like a NUT that your birthday came and went with the wind...right under my nose. I'm sorry little sister...I will make it up to you. I've been a BAD big sis...I owe you BIG time!!!!!!!
    Forgive me? :(

  3. What a special banner...I love it!

  4. hello miss lynn, I, too, LOVED my joy banners.... I really adore the one you made - it's sooooo yummie.....I just stung mine today and am searching for the perfect spot to hang these jingling joyful morsels..... xo,
    anna t

  5. just read the camera cry for help.... I have a D90 (nikon) file size is 12 .3 mega pixels..... and unless you are gonna blow up the picture to a poster size - you just don't need all the power. SO - I started first by making my "image" size smaller with in the camera...... then when I download the image in my computer (imac) I transfer it in the smallest image quality as possible.... (it's built into my photo editing software) when I upload to blogger the file size is decreased by half (and it still has amazing picture qualities)...... I know that is not lingo a 4th grader can understand.... if you want to email me I can try and help in a more simplistic format....... my email - you can also find my info on the cpa :)
    best wishes,
    xo, anna