Monday, August 31, 2009

silver bella!

my sissy and i are going to a paper arts event in omaha later this fall called silver bella. i read about it in country living last year and just about flipped out. i knew it was something i really wanted to experience, and am thrilled that i get to attend this year! paper artists from all over will be there, creating and sharing for three whole days. we are staying in a fancy shmancy hotel, without any kids, buying the t-shirt, the charm, the whole bit. we are so there! anyway, once i registered for classes, i learned all about this whole blogging world, and here i am! :)

some prebella fun involves swaps. in june, there were like a gazillion swaps to join. i chose a couple that looked like fun. here are some snapshots of what i've been working on.

the friday night vendor event has me totally saving my pennies. the theme is 100 aprons. everyone has been invited to wear an apron: vintage, hand-crafted, funky, anything goes. i've altered a halter top and added a little flair...i'll show more of that as it gets closer to being complete.

we were also paired up with a gal who has previously attended silver bella, you know to share little tips and make the new girls feel more at home. my "big sister" is jodie from louisiana. she is totally and completely responsible for this blog. :) she has been the best help. full of advice and encouragement. so i am way looking forward to spending time with her, too!

it's been a while since my last post, i'm still trying to find my groove! please keep checking back.
happy day to you!


  1. I know y'all will have so much fun!!!! I thought about trying to go a few years back....maybe when my DH works closer to home one day!
    Your little peeks are so exciting and the halter apron sounds so creative!!!
    Make sure to take tons of pics when you go so that we can live it through your eyes!!!

  2. I can't wait!!! Love your swaps. What are the shoes for?

  3. This will be my first time at Silver Bella too. I am so excited. I joined five swaps and have two 98% done. Am about to start number 3 this weekend. You are so lucky to have Jodie - I have kind of adopted her since she has been so kind to answer some of the questions I've had. She's the best!
    Looking forward to meeting you,
    Sharon :-)

  4. I tell you little are the BEST little sister I've ever had!!!

    ***And for all of you who see Lynn's sneak peeks above...I will be the first one to say that these creations of hers are totally OVER AND ABOVE the Bella (High) Standards!!!***

    Lynn girl, whoever is in your swaps will die when they see what you've created! I'm so honored to have pieces of it too!!!
    I'm so excited you are so excited about Silver Bella, I cannot wait to give you a HUGE hug.
    Thanks for the sweet words but we ALL know who is spoiling who here...YOU are the best! I need to get my britches in gear and put the spoil on! ;)
    everything vintage

  5. I thought you were suppose to keep your swap stuff a secret! I'm getting excited for SB even though you had to drag me along...just like old times..hee hee.