Monday, August 3, 2009

there was a lot of running
around going on here last week.
swimming lessons,
vacation Bible school, and
overnight trips with grandma
fun for all!!!

anyway, while waiting for the wee ones at the pool,
i was able to use my pretty little
"art-on-the-go-kit" to finish up
a couple of projects!

in its former life, it was
an eight track case. now, for you young ones,
eight tracks were like really fat cds. we never
actually owned any, but my grandparents had some
hit polka tunes on the eight track!

so, i picked this little baby up at gucciville (goodwill)
for one dollar.

designed and decoupaged.

stuff with supplies as needed, and
i'm good to go!

happy day!!


  1. What a fabulous creative and pretty!!

  2. Gucciville? I LOVE IT! I've never heard Goodwill called that before! haha

    I love your "to go" box! Are you bringing your Silver Bella supplies in there??? ooooh the girls will be jealous!!!!

    everything vintage

  3. Your box is fabulous!!! What a great way to take a bit of creativity on the road with you. I have heard LOTS of great things about you from Jodie, and look forward to meeting you in Nov. at Silver Bella

    Sue E.