Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i totally have a fairy godmother.

imagine this. dragging your weary body home after a full day of fourth grade, you find what appears to be a small garage sale on your front porch. at first i thought my lover must have received an order for work. but then i noticed the boxes were all open, and inside were little shiny bits of treasure peeking out at kind of treasure!

sparkly treasure!

shimmery treasure!

look at those tiny little molds!

vintage baubles!

little lovelies!

glittery fruit, for pete's sake!

oh so sweet vintage trims!

my mind was racing, where could this have come from!!?? took awhile, but i was able to track down my flea market fairy godmother!
i have a huge smile on my face, cj. bless your pea pickin' heart.

what a totally happy day!


  1. WOW girl! Awesome goodies!!!! No doubt that someone thought of you in a special kind of way because YOU ARE THE MOST GIVING PERSON I KNOW!!!!
    I can't wait to see you have fun with that are going to create some great Christmas goodies, I just know it!!!!
    everything vintage

  2. This is the most amazing assemblage of sparkling eye candy!! Have tons of fun creating,thanks to your simply fabulous fairy god mother!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!!

  3. Such a nice flea market friend you have! I sure do like all of the goodies and to be waiting on the front porch for you!!

  4. What a fantastic treasure trove of bits and pieces to craft with! I would be in hog heaven if I received a box like this. I am sure you are making great use of it all! Happy crafting!

  5. Hello! I am over from Jodie's blog - Everything VIntage. And am sitting here with my mouth open! What an awesome, awesome surprise to come home to! I can only imagine your face being one of curiosity, disbelief, amazement and then pure JOY! Life is good!
    I'm so glad I found your blog. I am so jealous of all the lucky gals who get to go to SIlver Bella! I procrastinated too long and missed out!
    Maybe next year.
    Have a great day!
    Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds