Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i am so stinking spoiled.

first of all. i am married to this man.
he is as good looking in real
life as he is pictured here.

twelve years ago, he proposed to me
while on the top of pike's peak.
he kneeled. i swooned.
we were married 3 months later.

first comes love
then comes marriage
then comes...

i am a happy, grateful girl.
thank you, Dear Lord.

here's where the really big time
spoiling comes in...
look at what my lover brought home
just for me!!!!!

i am totally jazzed!
happy day!!!


  1. WOW SWEET....adorable, smart and thoughtful.
    You lucky girl!! He's a keeper!!

  2. For your birthday I presume? BTW--happy day...although I'm late! And ARE spoiled...VERY! :)

  3. Wooo Hooo Lynn, I just got my new camera christmas past (Nikon Rocks) so I know you are lovin it! Congrats and have fun with it!!!
    Melissa (CPA group)