Tuesday, December 1, 2009

attention: time...PLEASE slow down.

we spent thanksgiving in minneapolis visiting my brother in law. it was great. so great to see him so happy and to be a part of his city life for a couple of days. and the kids loved seeing "uncle brendi". one in particular couldn't get enough.

so cute.

i still haven't posted everything i wanted to share about silver bella, and reality is telling me that if i don't do it now, it just isn't going to happen.

see these girls? they are delightful. carol and elizabeth. sisters. i seriously loved every moment i was able to spend with them and sooo look forward to more visits!

jo packham. she is the mastermind behind where women create, my most favorite publication of late. ohmygoodness. her luncheon talk was like 3 minutes. and i was crying through the entire 3 minutes...you know when your throat makes that choking crying noise? i so thought that was going to happen. then i got to meet her and she signed my book and she gave me a hug!!! it was an amazing moment in my little life.

this was the kit from charlotte lyons' class. i LOVE LOVE her illustrations and handwritten suggestions. all of my classes were wonderful...each one was unique and at times i totally thought i was going to burst from sheer joy!

and the last little bit that i am going to say is...the women were so welcoming and enthusiastic and creative and kind. i had THE BEST TIME and i am already looking forward to (and saving for) next year!

ok. here is the last of my, oh yeah i wanted to blog about that.
disney princesses on ice.
my dad took his "girls" to the big event. we all wore our tiaras.

the little girls were all decked out.

happy day!


  1. You are such a sweetie to say such nice things about us AND those girls of yours - wow, they are just precious! - I love- love that picture at the end of this post - I'll bet you have such a wonderful holiday with them!

  2. Your little princesses are absolutely adorable! Love the handwritten instructions with the kit -- such a lovely touch. Sounds like you have had a lot of wonderful moments lately. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy :)

  3. It was SOOOOOOOO wonderful meeting you & your sister at Silver bella this yr! You both are just adorable and so lucky to have each other. I've enjoyed looking through your blog, your family is just precious. Happy New Year to yoU!