Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bubble paint!

ok. here's last nite's advent activity.

four bowls of water, add a big glop of dishwashing soap, drops of food coloring, give everyone a straw, and you've got some fun!

the bubbles create a large dome over the top of the bowl. take a piece of paper and gently lower it onto the bubble world, and it creates a lovely pattern. layer the bubble images on one another to create your one of a kind masterpiece!

we're going to use the paper to create cards for our friends at a local assisted living facility.
happy day!


  1. You are a brave mom with those colored bubbles! I bet the kids loved this project. Thanks for your compliment on Juju...I just read it to her!!

  2. I did this with my class when I taught kindergarten. Great idea to make cards and give them to someone who many not receive anything this holiday season. Blessings :) Tammy