Wednesday, December 23, 2009

little bits...(bella's in training) cute is this???

shortly after silver bella, our daughters were all invited to participate in a little bit swap hosted by sheila, at blessed and distressed.

beatrice was paired up with lorelei and her cousin elizabeth. (girls, if your mamma's have blogs, would you please have them send me their link?) :)

she got right to work, gluing on buttons, flowers, lace and ribbon...she did have a wee bit of help from her mamma. here is miss lorelei's pretty in pink ornament..

and here is elizabeth's fun and funky ornament...

i have to tell you, we had the best time. we love any excuse we can find to play a little silver bella in our art room, but THEN, the exchange!!! oh my goodness, what fun! little girls do not get real mail nearly enough!

it was such a great treat!

thank you, sheila, for the swap, and thank you, lorelei and elizabeth, for the beautiful ornaments!

beatrice and i hope to participate in more bit's!

happy SNOWY day!


  1. Lynn,
    Looks like they had as much fun as us "adult" bellas!
    Hope you & yours have a blessed Christmas season!

  2. It looks like you have a great time creating and receiving your Little BIT's ornaments. They are just gorgeous! Thanks for joining in the fun!

    Hope you have a joyous Christmas Season.

    Sheila and Janna

  3. Hello Miss Lynn! How much fun for your daughter and the girls. So lucky to be a Bella-in-training! I enjoyed reading about your craft afternoon with the other ladies. I am planning on having some friends over for a day of crafting next month - I hope it goes as well!