Sunday, December 13, 2009


earlier this month, i shared my dirty little secret about how i hate to work in the kitchen. well. i haven't baked since last december, and after we had all the dough ready to go, i vaguely remembered my rolling pin, we used beatrice's play dough rolling pin this year!

we baked up a small batch and frosted and sprinkled to our hearts' content!

my lover even got in on the action!

mr. elliott created some tasty treats!

beatrice takes her baking seriously. i pray that she gets the kitchen gene from her grandma suzie! while everyone was decorating, i worked on the gift boxes, cause really, that's more my thing.

i love those "decorate me" pencil boxes. they are so handy dandy, whenever i find them on sale, i try to STOCK UP!

i covered them with some of my favorite papers,

gently added the cookies in between sheets of tissue paper, tied on a Christmas green ribbon, attached a gold trinket star and...

now the fun part! delivering our treats to our friends!
happy day!


  1. Kitt and Bennett ate all the cookies before I was able to taste them! Thanks for the goodies, the box was my favorite too.

  2. Beautifully decorated boxes with sweet treats inside. Great holiday gift. Blessings :) Tammy

  3. Is it really about the cookies or the great time spent together making wonderful memories??? Both? Okay. Whatever it is...this was a great the kids will remember! You are soooo fun Lynn...I wish I was Beatrice! or her sister...or her brother...
    everything vintage

  4. Pencil boxes! Of course! You uncovered another super idea!! And also a good way to use scraps of Christmas paper (which is a good thing because buying new paper is a requirement for Chrismas.)