Wednesday, June 10, 2009

and God bless us - every one!

okay. one last advent
idea....then i'll take
a break from Christmas.
it's a total promise.

i love A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens.
saw this in a somerset
publication and knew i
had to put my own spin on it.
by the way, this is a great gift
idea for newlyweds...a
fun tradition for a couple
of young lovers for their
first Christmas. don't you

i started by choosing my
favorite sections from the

then i kept them in chronological
order and pasted them to 2 inch
by 4 inch
chipboard ornaments that i had
already covered in Christmas paper.
add a pretty image, a bingo
card number, some ribbon,
and oooh-la-la
it's a pretty!

now, for the packaging...
i used a "decorate it yourself
pencil box" from hobby lobby...

added an old hymn cover,
attached the title page from
the book,

place the ornaments
inside - and presto!

beginning on december 1st,
read a little ditty each night,
hang the ornament on the tree or
garland on your fireplace mantle,
and before you know it, Christmas
will be here! :)

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