Tuesday, June 16, 2009

when the boys go fishing...

mr. elliott is ONE HUNDRED percent all boy!!!

just look at that grin! heart breaker!
when the boys go fishing...
the girls play
"silver bella"!

this is beatrice's
very first time
sewing. her grandma
gave her the machine
for Christmas.
she's making
a little tote. one that
will be oh so handy
for her princesses,
barbies, books, and
other priceless treasures.
we finished the pocket
tonight. check out that
trim! we've got
a future bella on
our hands, girls!

happy day!
***here is the finished product!!! oohlala!

smiles to you today!


  1. Oh how pretty! You are smart to get her sewing at a young age! I will email you soon about swaps on cpa.

  2. Such a great gift to teach a child to create as it is something that will stay with them throughout their life, and what would a day be like without crafting?