Monday, June 1, 2009

this is what i do...

i love Christmas. absolutely
love it. the twinkly lights,
the tree, the nativity scenes
everywhere. the hustle and bustle.
i love it all.
since becoming a mamma, i have
loved this season even more. (it
is way fun with little wee ones
around.) anyway. my lover - who also
happens to be my husband - and i totally
want to teach our kids the meaning
of Christmas. we have incorporated
tons of fun traditions into our
days leading up to the 25th of
december that do that. so...i began
making happy paper art that would
help make our countdowns pretty
AND meaningful. i am going to post
a few of these advent ideas over
the next few days. i am having
an art show at a hip little shop
in our small town next november.
these are some of my goods. this
is what i do. :)

"we wish you a merry Christmas!"
this is a Christmas tree card holder
picked up at a yard sale and given
new life as a Christmas advent activity
planner. each ornament, adorable
little matchboxes, wears a letter
spelling out "we wish you a merry
Christmas!" that's 25 letters.

dec. 1st you open up the "W". slipped
inside is a little piece of paper
with a fun family activity or
a scripture verse to read. oh what


  1. Awesome idea girl! How cool is it that "We wish you a Merry Christmas!" is 25 letters? I'm totally amazed!
    Gotta love that happy paper art!!!!!!!
    everything vintage

  2. thank you jodie, you are a
    great cheerleader!!

  3. I love this!!!! I'm so glad you found me. ha! Now I've found you!

  4. Wow!! You go, girl! This is AMAZING!!! And welcome to Christian Paper Artists. (That's how I found you, I'm a member too)

    Hugs, Ashlyn