Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's time for a bit of romance!

i've spotted these
altered books
with sweet "shadow
scenes" in several
somerset pub-
but have never made
i picked up an
old book at a
garage sale
for 25 cents.
loved the title.
have no idea
what the book
is about, but
loved the
anyway. i
glued every
stinking page
together. (it wasn't
really that bad,
i worked on it
on little road
trips. i wasn't driving.)
then i began
cutting away the
pages inside to
create the shadow
scene. i used
a flirty old
postcard, glitter,
a dictionary cutout,
trinkets, stamps,
and more

on the cover,
i mod podged
an antique
napkin to the
taupe colored
cover, keeping
the title in
clear view and
added a ring
of white buttons.
what fun!
happy day to you!


  1. oh my Geezus!
    This is beautiful! I can't imagine scrapping in my car...only you girl, only you!
    I love everything, the buttons, the postcard, (the title ~ "let the games begin"...everything!!! A light bulb just went off in my head...can you imagine slipping a little gift in there and giving it to hubby??? whoo hoo!

    Always amazed,
    everything vintage