Sunday, June 7, 2009

i love these little banner beauties...

okay. i apologize
right off the bat
for the photos...

when our kids were
little-little, we
used a "merry Christmas"
banner to teach them
the Christmas story.
early in december, we
started with the letter

M is for Mary - read Luke 1:26-38
E is for Elizabeth, Mary's cousin - read Luke 1:39-45
R is for Rejoice! - read Luke 1:46-56
R is for "Really?" asks Joseph - read Matthew 1:19
Y is for "Yes!" answers the Angel! - read Matthew 1:20-25

each night we
would add a letter on
and review the letter/s
from before.

C is for City of David - read Luke 2:1-5
H is for Hotel Owner Helps - read Luke 2:6-7
R is for Real Animals - read a picture book featuring a stable scene
I is for I Believe! - read Isaiah 9:6
S is for Shepherd and Star - read Luke 2:8-20
T is for Three Kings - read Matthew 2:1-12
M is for Manger - read Luke 2:7
A is for Angels - read Luke 2:8-14
S is for Son of God, Lord Jesus - read Luke 2:21

i love to make
banners. this is a
great size, they're
about 3 inches by
6 inches - they
look darling hanging
in a window or along
a shelf, and they
totally add to the
fun festivities!
i've just
finished these two,
delicious pinks and lime green -

old fashioned blues and greens -

and am putting the
finishing touches on this
one with
soft browns and turquoise blues.

feel free to use this
little idea or pass
it on to a friend...
blessings to you!

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