Thursday, June 18, 2009

here's a fun little paper project...

to brighten your
day. it's called a "quadrarama",
and even my fourth graders
can handle it!

it's one sheet of
12 inch by 12 inch

folded into
eight equal parts,

a snip here,
glue there,
embellish like
a crazy woman,

and adorable.

you could create a
holiday table topper,
a party centerpiece,
or any other theme
that you want to share
with your houseguests
or friends!

happy day!


  1. When will you stop amazing me????????

  2. Okay totally blow my mind. I have been gone for ONE week and you've already posted about Christmas carols, Kingdoms, Paper storage (when you were supposed to be cleaning), Dresser drawers, Raising a little Silver Bella, Fishing, AND a Quadrarama!
    I need another break. When you said you'd play after school let weren't lying girl!
    This is so much fun!!!!
    Keep playing little sister, I'm enjoying this~
    everything vintage

  3. VERY clever! And I think I know how it's done.

    I need to dig back in your archives for more great ideas!

  4. ohmygoodness
    gracious! you
    girls are so
    thank you!!!!

  5. Your kids are sooooooo cute!! However do you do it??