Sunday, June 28, 2009

the lucky girl is....

(i feel sooooo excited!)
vintage at heart!
i'll leave a note on your
blog, and please email me
with your real life cottage
address and i'll send it
first thing. thank you for
visiting my blog!
now. to all the rest of you.
i would like to send each of you
a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
these will have to do.

you have all blessed
my heart incredibly. thank
you for the kind - KIND
words and encourage-
ment. i feel so
loved and happy!
i must say a huge
THANK YOU! to jodie,
you southern dearie,
for the
friends and for the
excitement you created in
regard to this happy little
giveaway. you are a gem, and
i am so thankful you are
my big bella sis! :) i am so
looking forward to meeting
you in november.
happy day to all,
and a most sincere thanks!


  1. Yay Sharron @ VGAH, Congratulations!!!! This was sooooo much FUN!
    Thank you for the beautiful was a win-win giveaway!!!!!
    Keep creating girlie~
    everything vintage

  2. Yippeee.. I am so excited to have won your sweet give away!!!! My email is drop me a line and I will send you my addy!!!!!