Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hello, mary esther!

this is my sweet grandma,
mary esther kitt arehart
on her blessed wedding day
to my grandpa, marvin david.
let me just say,
they are adorable.
we recently celebrated
85th birthday with
a little get together.
AND as she is the matriarch
of our family, it seemed
only fitting to bestow
her with a crown to call
her i used
some skills learned
from teresa mcfayden's
spring ezine and whipped
up this little baby!
the design was shared
by guest designer
Ann-Denise Anderson. if
i knew how to put
links on my blog, i
would do that now. :)
the crown was used
as a centerpiece for
the table, so i
made a little
cake plate for it
to rest on.
grandma loved it!
every girl deserves
a crown, don't you
happy day!


  1. Wooo she's a lucky grandma I tell ya!
    Living to be 85 and having such a wonderful family is a double blessing!!!!
    The crown is beautiful...Teresa has tought you well my friend!!!!
    I JUST LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER ABOVE! And you said you could barely turn on your computer...yeah right! It's stunning!!!!
    everything vintage

  2. This is lovely!!! I will show you how to do links later...going out of town. I haven't forgotten - we will do a swap for CPA soon!

  3. So very pretty and perfectly girly girl for a sweet 85 year old. I bet she just adored her festive day with a centerpiece like this!!! Your talents are incredible!!

  4. Love your pretty crown and the wedding photo also!

  5. I bet Aunt Mary just loved it. I'll see it next time I visit. I'm loving your little web-site, Lynn . Glad Jane told me about it!