Sunday, July 5, 2009


they used to be tiny little people...of course, everyone tells you, "it goes fast", but you don't really believe it until the years begin flying by.

big sigh.


to help new families celebrate those tiny fingers and tiny toes and make baby's first Christmas a momentous occasion, i've been
working on some precious packages. pretty little keepsake boxes with a matching
cutie patootie baby bootie ornament. i totally love the soft winter pallet of this bootie and the pewter colored trim. and i most definitely love the bling on the toe!

i am a huge fan of tradition, and it warms my heart to think that a precious little someone would hang this handmade ornament on their tree each year.

my most favorite ornament is a gingerbread man my mom made for me in her 1970's ceramic class. :)

do you have any ornaments that you just HAVE to add to the tree each Christmas? i'd love to hear about it!

happy day!


  1. Any that were handmade from Grma Falk...and of course the troll angel on the tree that you stole from mom's!

  2. didn't steal it,
    dear sissy...there
    are some perks to
    being the oldest,
    not many, but a
    few. love you.

  3. Our tree is covered with ornaments from our life's journey! Like the nutcracker that brings to mind the year K took me to see a live performance & he couldn't understand why there were no speaking parts...duh! Or the pelican to remind me of our 25th anniversary gift trip to California from our kids, etc...we also add a new ornament each year for each of our kids...the idea being to pass along a stash for their own trees when they marry...we have to pass along Hopester's this year...excuse me while I go cry!

  4. You two are a hoot!
    I have lots of ornaments, you know
    Christmas started right after Halloween
    at our house!