Friday, July 17, 2009

glorious. just glorious.

i am, in fact, talking about my garage sale jaunt today.
what is it about the pursuit of junk that is just so...
addicting and then fulfilling?

big find:
a huge honkin stack of vintage fabric and random sewing notions.
from a little 93 year old grammy.

look at these precious patterns...

and four pairs of clippy earrings...
these lovely plastic pink roses will definitely
show up on my silver bella apron for vendor nite.

earlier this week, i found this turquoise trunk
at the local salvation armani.

this will become a happy transporter and then display case for my
art show.
i'm smiling.
happy day.


  1. {squeal!!!!}
    Is that a HAT with VELVET flowers? And a children's BOOK? And oh those old measuring tapes...{squeal} (again) (again) (again)
    That material was the FIND of the century girl! It's all so pretty!!!
    I can't wait to see your's going to be so amazing, I can only imagine!!!!!!!!
    I love everything!!!!

    everything vintage

  2. Love this trunk! How perfect for your creations! might need some wheels 'cause it looks like you have a ton of things to show off!!

  3. I bow down to your prowess as a bargain finder! I am not worthy. ;) hee hee

    I love your blog. Reminds me of why I love junk and creating from it. Only your junk is prettier!