Wednesday, July 15, 2009

playing silver bella...

with princess beatrice again! we shopped a bit
this morning, stopping in at our local - and wonderful -
scrapbooking shop. beatrice was immediately drawn to the
GLITTER sheets! she picked out a gorgeous ruby slipper red
and a delicious grape. she decided she needed a banner, so
she designed, i cut.

we think that this would be something our favorite
fancy nancy might call exquisite.

we are having entirely too much fun around here!

how will i ever go back to school??

1 comment:

  1. Awwwwe. My little Bella neice's glitter heart banner is much too cute!!!!

    {Since you are my little Silver Bella Sister...that does make Beatrice my little Silver Bella neice right?} ;)

    Is that like a little doll house under her bed? That is the coolest little hideout if it is!!!!!!

    I have NO idea how you'll go back to school. And, we are going to have withdrawals when you do!!!! You have us spoiled by posting all kinds of goody stuff!!!!

    everything vintage