Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i have the joy - joy - joy - joy

while reading some silver bella blogs
earlier this summer, i stumbled across a
cute little link titled christian paper artists.
i thought i'd check it out, and found
a yahoo group of artists who are all
believers. it took me about 2 seconds to
decide to join. :)

anyway, linda, a spunky texan with a great blog
(again, i would add a link here if i knew how.)
posted a swap - "joy jingles banner".
so i've created little flags to be sent to ten
other girls around the states who signed up as well.
we were all to use pinks, yellows, and oranges
in our creations, and we must add a jingle
bell - hence, the joy jingles. :) the jingle bell
appears to be hiding in these photos, but rest assured,
it's there.

i will definitely share the completed
banner when my package arrives!
happy day!


  1. LOL Well..here is that "spunky Texan" herself. I LOVE your pennants......our banner is going to be soooooo Joyful!!

  2. These are so yummy looking I look forward to seeing all of the banners together!!! What a wonderful group!!!

  3. Joy jingles! I love that! That just makes your heart want to smile!

  4. oh Joy indeed! I cannot wait to see them all put together!!!! What an awesome project...I'm off to visit Linda's blog too!
    everything vintage

  5. These are beautiful!! I can't wait to get one!! I'm in the swap too!! I remember singing this song every year at Vacation Bible school. How wonderful?!!

    Hugs, Ashlyn

  6. Love your pennants! And those are REAL skeleton keys, are they? I am wishing I was in this swap!

  7. So yummy! I was inspired by these when I made a card to invite bloggers to my blogland birthday party. Thanks, and God bless!