Saturday, July 25, 2009

my precious girl...

is going to start KINDERGARTEN in three weeks!!!
this means some serious changes for our family.
those of you who know
me, this will come as no surprise.
by nature, i am an incredibly
disorganized gal. however,
after 15 years of teaching, i've learned
that i really want a life of order and have
forced some changes into our little life...

mr. elliott has used a chalkboard
checklist throughout his school
experience, and it really seems
to help us all out.

i picked the chalkboard up out of the free pile
at a garage sale a while ago. painted some
lines with white paint, stamped the days of
the week across the top, and glued to my heart's

i realize this is most certainly
not an original idea, but it sure
was fun to make,
and beatrice is all smiles!

happy day!


  1. I can't believe the summer has gone by so quickly, eeeek! Love the chalkboard, it's just adorable.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention that I saw the picture of your kids' lemonade stand in your older posts. When we were on our walk last night, I walked right by the house in that photo (guessing it was yours?) and I realized why it looked so familiar! LOL, we walk by it all the time :)