Monday, July 20, 2009

i've been living in the dark ages.


girls, i had no idea.
let me just say, i am not working for these people,
but if you don't own one, go buy it. now.
40 percent off coupon at hobby lobby! so worth it.

i have long admired rivets. the nickel colored metal
totally adds coolness to happy paper art. but i seriously
stank at adding them to my work.
no longer a problem! see the rivet in this book cover?
like slicing warm butter. love it.

what a happy day!


  1. Hey Lynn,

    I love my crop-a-dile also, it is very easy to use. Yes, the Jenni Bowlin class is so worth it! She loves vintage items and makes you think about using them in everyday life. She will have a booth at Silver Bella vendor night, so save up your will be tempted!!